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The North Alabama Christian Children’s Home is a 501©3 Group Residential Home that is licensed by the state of Alabama to provide 24/7 care for up to 22 children. We seek to provide a “safe haven” for children who have come from an environment  where they have been abused, abandoned, and/or neglected.  Support of our organization comes from congregations of the churches of Christ, the state of Alabama,

and a host of compassionate, supportive individuals and businesses.

Our goal is to aid children in their social, academic, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being as they live in a home with house parents, perhaps their children, and other children from the state. A “home” atmosphere where each person is important, where people work together as a unit, and where everyone accepts responsibility for their own actions, is what we desire to be

found in each of our homes.

The majority of our children come to us from the state, and can come from any county. Typically, The Department of Human Resources desires to place children 50-75 miles from their own home.  As a “faith-based” residential group home, we sometimes take children from the community, or from an area nearby,

and seek to mentor and help those children “find their way.”

A child who comes to live with us must be between the ages of 6-17, have no severe emotional or behavioral problems, and be drug free. Since May of 1973, when our doors opened, some 600+ children have lived on our 10-acre campus. Some stay for a matter of weeks and/or months.

Some have stayed as long as 10 years.
North Alabama Christian Children’s Home is a

Basic Residential Group home facility.

We believe all children 
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our History

January 29, 1970
Brethren from local Churches of Christ met at Mars Hill Bible School to discuss the need and possibility of a children's home in north Alabama.  A promissory note was signed, borrowing the money to purchase the old McGee school building and 3 acres of adjoining real estate.

April 15, 1971
A general meeting was held to set in place a permanent Board of Trustees/Directors.

May 1973
After extensive renovations of the McGee school building, the North Alabama Christian Children's Home began operation.  Jerry Weems was the home's first Administrator, who, along with his wife, Rachel, also served as the first house parents for seven children.

Spring 1994
Our name was changed Christian Children Home to shorten the name, reflect our broadened mission, and give reference to the strategic plan of incorporating more "Homes" under the guidance and direction of the CCH Board of Directors

Between 1986 and 2000, many changes took place on campus:
1986- Pavilion constructed
1987- House Parent's apartment added to McGee Home
1989- Kent Cottage
2000- Caver Cottage

April 2008
After much discussion and prayerful consideration, the Board of Directors determined that the shortened name, Christian Children Home did not provide adequate autonomy or identification for the home.  Therefore, the name was changed back to North Alabama Christian Children's Home.

June 2013
Construction was completed for the new Coker Home.  The name of the home is dedicated to Columbus Coker.  Mr. Coker was instrumental in starting the children's home.

July 2015

Our friends at Cox Blvd. Church of Christ along with 21 other congregations, helped us finish construction on the Robert and Eva Coats Home. This home can house up to 10 children. 

Our Mission

Our Goal

Taking a Biblical world view, we make it our aim to demonstrate Christ-like lives as we teach and prepare our children the skills necessary for a happy, successful future. 

We Need Your Support Today!

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