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Volunteering Group

Want to get Involved?

Support for our organization comes from local churches of Christ congregations, the state of Alabama, and a host of compassionate and supportive individuals and businesses.

Let's Make A Change

Here are some other ways you can support us:


Throughout the year, NACCH has an array of exciting events in which all of the proceeds benefit our organization. 

Join us for our
- Annual Benefit Dinner
- Coats Farm Trail Ride
- Bradley Behel Memorial Golf Tournament
- Benefit Motorcycle Ride

Change for Children

Participate in our "Change for Children" Coin Can Program. Pick up a change can at the office, and start collecting all your extra change. 


One of the most important parts of the NACCH is a means of transportation.  With the ability to house 22 children, it can be a major undertaking just to get them around town.  Consider this option to support our program!


The opportunity to mentor, influence, and inspire a child is truly a blessing from God.  Becoming a House Parent is a tremendous way Please contact us for more info. 

Other Ways You Can Help

We appreciate and accept ANY type of contribution you make to our organization.  Here are a few more ideas just in case you are looking for just the perfect type of involvement for you. 
- Personally commit to a monetary contribution each month

- Encourage your congregation or organization to continue or increase their support

- Contribute cleaning supplies, pantry items and other everyday living items to NACCH

- Contribute Gift Cards (Gas Cards, Shopping Cards, Fast Food Restaurants)- This all helps to defer the cost of our children's daily needs.

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