When the North Alabama Christian Children's Home received its first residents in 1973, the 10 acre campus consisted of a heavily wooded area and the old McGee School House. 

It was renovated to accommodate living quarters rather than classrooms.

Today, the campus features three housing units, an administration building, an all-purpose building,

and a barn that sits in what remains of the original dense, wooded area. 

Caver Educational Center

The first building on campus provides for individual and group tutoring and meetings. 

Coker Home

Circa: 2013.  This home is a state-of-the art energy-efficient home that houses up to 9 boys.

Buffler Counseling and Administration Building

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McGee Home

Circa: 1940. Currently used for Storage.

Kent Home

Circa: 1980.  Major renovations were also completed on this home in 2007 and it now meets capacity standards to house 5 children.  This home is also handicap accessible.

Coats Home

Circa: 2016.  The newest addition to our campus.  This home is a another state-of-the art energy-efficient home that houses up to 8 girls.

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